World Series 2013 Bobby Valentine says he could have done th

World Series 2013 Bobby Valentine says he could have done th

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Say this for Bobby Valentine: He Melky Cabrera Jersey is supremely confident in himself.

In fact, he's so self-confident that he figures he could have taken this year's Boston Red Sox roster to the World Series, too. Valentine didn't get the chance because he was fired after one lousy season as Sox skipper and replaced by former Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell.

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Valentine made his bold claim toThe Boston Globeon Tuesday. Did he make a compelling case? Here's what he said, followed by our thoughts:

I Chris Owings Jersey d like to think that if I came back for my second year that, given the changes and improvements, I would have Brian Flynn Jersey been able to do the same thing.

Well, the first offseason change/improvement was to can Valentine as quickly as it could and disinfect the clubhouse. Then came the roster overhaul, which might have gone much differently if Valentine were still in charge.

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(GM) Ben (Cherington) did a great job this offseason rebuilding the team. I dont think Ive ever seen anything like it before. Usually a team will go after one or two Blank Jersey free agents and hope they work out. When youre signing seven or eight guys and they all work out and blend in together as well as they did, thats amazing to me."

About the blending-in part: See, the manager has a lot to do with that Jorge Soler Jersey ; he can help create a positive clubhouse atmosphere by communicating well and getting the veterans to buy into his plan. Valentine failed to do that in 2012, so it's unlikely that Big Papi, Jon Lester and Co. would have meshed with Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino and Jonny Lucas Duda Jersey Gomes the same way in a Valentine Year 2. Heck, who knows if Valentine would have even wanted some of those new players?

"The entire organization should be very proud of what they did. They should take a bow. It was amazing work.

Yep, and that work began with ditching Valentine after a 69-93, last-place, drama-filled season.

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